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Why should I support YSPI?

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There has never been a more important time to support youth suicide prevention in Ireland as young people are being hit on all sides by the reality of life in 2017 and suicide rates are rising again and, sadly, our most at risk group is young males..

Many families are now in financial trouble, or facing homelessness, leading to tension between parents and siblings. Many young people can be faced with a very sudden decline in standard of living, or the discovery that their parents can't now afford to send them to university or college. They also face the terrible prospect that there may not be work at home for them for some years to come, and face the prospect of life on social welfare or emigration.

It can seem a bleak picture to young people but there is so much help and support available to them, both amongst their friends, family and peer group, and also in the wider community where many are working to prevent youth suicide on a daily basis.  YSPI works to save young lives through education and support.

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